white horses


Ελεύθερη απόδοση ενός από τα ποιήματα Της Σκοπέλου από την αγαπημένη φίλη, παιδίατρο Ellen Storm. Το δικό μου εδώ.

I love you
down the long tunnel of youth.
I watch you
inside the wave, riding the board.
I see your
billowing breath, taken away.
I remember
carnations and cedars:
the damp
aftertaste of summer.


I love you
down the long tunnel of words.
I watch you
inside the song, riding the silence.
I see you:
you are the waves breaking.
I remember
the white breaks in my thought.
You are now
where unicorns sleep


Ellen Storm

Mobile: 07773 501 903

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«Ellen Storm’s dazzling first collection» of poetry, that «explores medical experience from different perspectives». «Rupture marks the arrival of a vital and vivid new voice that can speak to the heart’s brightness and darkness in all of us.«

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